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"I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD.
I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away,
and will bind up that which was broken, and will strengthen that which was sick..."
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From: chelleshel
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2015 11:56:58 AM PDT

I can’t speak authoritatively about condemnation of those who choose abortion as a widespread phenomenon in the so-called church, having never experienced that. I can say that in the church, I for one find compassion, caring, deep empathy and concern for the damage done to the spirit, body, relationships, parenting, and morale of the woman who chooses abortion, as well as for her family.

Forgiveness and love are indeed at the heart of our Christian walk, but that does not mean that we embrace behaviors or decisions that deserve condemnation. The woman considering abortion deserves to know what life may well be like for her after the deed is done. This is precisely what the pro-choice lobby seeks to hide from her, to her great detriment. We must have the courage to call evil evil, and still love, forgive and embrace those who make that tragic “choice.”

From: erick.french
Date: Thurs, 2 Apr 2015 10:24 PM PDT

Judge not and you shall not be judged.
The Lord Jesus that I follow calls us to accept and to forgive.
Through His grace our sins are forgiven.
By choosing to judge and condemn others for their most personal and painful decisions, in their moments of greatest need and despair, the church narrows and divides its own people. I find this very sad.

From: chelleshel
Date: Thur, 22 Aug 2013 8:43:23 PM PDT

Not long ago I sat in an abortion clinic. By the grace of God I changed my mind and walked out. That baby has just graduated from Yale.

From: straitgatefarm
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2010 2:55:52 PM PDT

Dear ColP:
Thank you for what you have so graciously and thoughtfully shared...your words reflecting the quotation from the "restorative justice mediator" regarding forgiveness are so very much appreciated and have brought my own thought/quotations to the forefront and I, too, would like to share with you.

Jesus Christ is my personal "restorative justice mediator"; that immediately came to my mind...He forgives, He restores, He is just, He is my mediator with God the Father...and He is a perfect and loving and just mediator. He took my sin on the cross and died for it....rose again on the third day to conquer the lies from Satan that I will never experience restoration from the mistakes I have made, and, He sits at the right hand of God the Father making intercession for me...for you, for anyone who believes on Him...He gives power to become His son/daughter...forever. (from the Bible, John 1:12)

I know my children are with Him, as the film "Broken" so beautifully portrays...and I thank you for your encouraging words, so aptly spoken, that forgiving is a choice that we make, and to refuse to forgive brings bondage. A friend of mind did a life changing teaching on that subject...if you're interested, you can access her teaching @, click on "Doorways" and then "Forgiveness"...

I thank you,

From: ColP
Date: Tue, June 22, 2010 9:30:29 AM PDT

Dear StraitGateFarm,

Thank you for your very kind message and thoughts. I have definitely moved on from the pain and guilt I had after abortion, and am truly living in the present with my wonderful children. I guess my note to others is that no matter how painful things seem when they are happening to you, this too shall pass. If you work hard to believe in yourself and your dreams, and find the path that is right for you, you will always come to peace with the past. I truly believe in living in the present, although I also believe it is hard to live in the present if you don't forgive. I just read this quote today on a website of a restorative justice mediator: "It is hard to forgive, but it is harder not to forgive". We all have to forgive ourselves for choices we make, as we are only human. Life does go on, and if we forgive ourselves and others, we can live in peace

From: straitgatefarm
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2010 1:27:37 PM PDT

Dear Friend @ Broken by Abortion:

I have read and re-read again and again the comments sent by "ColP" on the web site page and her words have left a wake upon my soul, as if a large vessel, a boatload of thought, just cruised through and in its wake are many, many thoughts, prayers, cares and concerns for this precious woman whom I do not know. Yet, I seem to discern a connection with her because we share common ground experience. I have wanted to ask her: "does she still feel the pain of the loss" she describes in having had her abortions, or, has it all been usurped within the life she lives and in the love she gives, and receives...I have wanted to ask her this because of her words, "I can never take the pain away..." and my resounding answer rises, "that is true, you cannot, ColP" but, does she accept it as part of living or does she search for ways, live out ways, in which to either forget, deaden or deny the pain as it may currently exist in her life? Or, might she be open to a search for an answer to alleviate and forever take her pain from her?

This I ask her because I that any woman that has tread through the abortion experience, as I have, would carry the burden of sadness and/or pain, when my own has been lifted from me. I do not seek to preach to her, but gently, to she at all in receive mode to hearing my prayer, which I pray for her from my a known God...does she know this God? Does she want to? Does she believe there is any other way in which to walk out her days, her heart's days, other than the path she is currently on where the sadness still lives and can become activated?

I do care, and I am praying, ColP, not because I am better than you, but because we have shared the same passage way in this life, and because I believe God crossed our paths for a reason, and I only ask that you choose to want to hear my heart for you in prayer for your being able to lay down the abortion experience in a place where Love came down to earth and God is that Love, and loves you...and does not condemn you...and I do not judge you. I pray you might talk to Him about your pain or sadness and say, "God, is my sadness, here is my pain"...

Thanks for reading.

From: ColP
Date: Sat, 5 May 2010 3:24:50 PDT

Many people have different opinions on this issue- probably as many as those have different opinions on God. Mine is very much a Pro-Choice opinion. Although it was a hard time for me when I had to go through three different abortions, I made those decisions to best fit my life and the lifestyles of those around me at the time.

I can never take the pain away from feeling a sense of "loss" of an unborn life at those times, but I can feel good about my two children that are living, that I was able to birth, and keep, and love. I certainly don't feel like I need to be forgiven by an egg. I think I need to be forgiven by God for being such a "child" as to have been having unprotected sex in the first place when I was young. As an adult, my 4th pregnancy was a bizare fluke, as I was actually on the pill at the time (I had to have an abortion a year or two after the boys were born. We just felt we couldn't take care of another child with our two busy boys, and we just knew it wasn't right to that growing egg, to let it become a child that we couldn't give 100% of ourselves to). The choice to have only 2 kids was a choice I made long ago in College, when I was studying Ecology and Evolution, Overpopulation, etc... I just felt it was something I could do to help the world from having too many people in it.

I hope your film does well as a personal expression of how you have felt about your own experience. I think a lot of women will relate to it, definitely. Many people want to have an abortion when they "make a mistake" and it is hard enough as it is, so putting a voice and a face to it could make it even harder. Others just may be totally into Science, and not feel the fetus is a person until it is born.

From: GC
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2010 11:24:23 -0800

I have just finished watching "Broken" and I am so moved by it....truly God inspired.

I pray God will use this mightily and in ways you could never have imagined. It touched me because I have two miscarried babies and just to hear the message that the King of Kings who sits on the Throne has 'fixed" what an awesome thought. These events were painful at the time but I put them out of my heart because it seemed there was nothing I could do and to think about it was depressing and felt of these babies was born alive in an emergency room and I had a nurse that came to me and asked me if I wanted her to baptize my baby.... I knew this practice because I had been a Lutheran and knew that Lutherans and Catholics and probably most orthodox believers practiced baptizing babies in this way. At the time it was such a blessing to me and I felt a gift from the Lord , saying to me that this was all in His Hands.... later I was remorseful because I never named the baby nor did I ever ask what the gender was because I could not bear the thought of it.

Watching this video brought all of this back to me....but in a profoundly good way.... I know Jesus has named my babies....and I will see them... and He forgives me for not engaging more fully in these little lives and sheltering myself from the pain of naming them and acknowledging them more fully. At the time I was just overwhelmed by the events, but have from time to time been brought back to I was today.

From: luedwards
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:33:10 -0800

Thank you for adding a very powerful tool to our prolife message. Beautifully done.

From: Sterlinginmich
Date: Thu, 18 Feb 2010 14:03:33 EST

Second viewing:

How does one e-mail tears?

Tears of sorrow that turn to joy at the knowing, the believing, the further receiving...of the forgiveness that flows freely, from the One who rescues and delivers from trouble...

Prince Jesus...thank you for taking this once shattered vessel and not only did You rebuild, You found every scattered piece and once sharp and then disintegrated shard...and refashioned, reformed, gave new life, to me, so that I can breathe, and call Your Name, whenever the sadness might come, and give it to You, Master Restorer...Fixer of all things broken...thank You for fixing not just me, but my offspring, who wait, dancing in the green grass with the lambs...

Thanks to the maker of Broken...Broken shows the truth, and speaks to men and reveals the truth that we must be reborn and be humbled before the Throne of Grace...where He waits...with the forgive, to love...He knows each tear that has fallen...and He hears me when I call...

Prince Jesus, Prince of Peace, I thank You.

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